What is the Michigan Sport Business Conference?

The Michigan Sport Business Conference (MSBC) was first established in February of 2012 by students at the University of Michigan. Since then, MSBC has quickly grown into much more than just an annual event.

The MSBC team is made up of entirely undergraduate students. The student planning committee meets at least once a week for approximately eight months leading up to the conference. All members of the team were carefully selected after a thorough application and interview process.

The MSBC started from a simple saying: “The Michigan Difference;” the idea that we have the competitive resources and capabilities to push the limit on what is possible in any realm. This same idea is what will drive the MSBC’s ability to continue developing invaluable experiences that inspire creativity and innovation in the sport industry and allow individuals to build the relationships necessary to achieve their professional aspirations. We achieve this by connecting current and future sport business professionals and organizations through thought-provoking educational platforms and effective relationship-building opportunities. While we do host a sport business conference, we pride ourselves on being much more than that. We are a networking platform specifically designed for undergraduate students who intend to pursue professional opportunities in the sport industry.

In order to further our status as a networking platform, we aim to provide students with sustainable connections in the industry that develop into further partnerships. Because MSBC values career development, our main objectives are for students to obtain jobs and internships or make invaluable relationships within the industry. The success of MSBC can be measured by the people that pass through the organization and ultimately become successful within their careers. Through connections with the Sport Management Program, Ross School of Business, and various industry professionals, MSBC will continue to provide various resources to help students advance their careers. Additionally, we want our speakers and organizations to do business with one another; the time allotted for networking during our conference is specifically geared toward that goal.

With 2016 being the 5th annual conference, we hope to make major strides in becoming a key entity in the lives of numerous individuals and launch MSBC and its networking platform into the next five years.


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