The 2015 Planning Committee

ANN ARBOR – The Michigan Sports Business Conference Planning Committee is proud to announce and welcome the 2015 team. As in years past, selection of committee members was highly competitive. With over 160 applications submitted, we were able to solidify the best Michigan has to offer, securing 31 individuals that exemplify the MSBC vision and brand.

These 31 individuals represent students of all years and boast members across every college on campus, from the School of Art and Design to the Ross School of Business. You can view bios of all 31 members of the 2015 Planning Committee here.

The Planning Committee is led by Co-Presidents, Alyssa Duguay and Max Himelhoch. The Executive Board also includes:

  • Sarah Suckow and Max Berns, Co-Vice Presidents of Marketing;
  • Jordan Gertzman & Jacob Lutt, Co-Vice Presidents of Partnerships;
  • Justin Schmittberger, Vice President of Speakers;
  • Jenna Beaugrand, Vice President of Event Planning; and
  • Jacob Schreiman, Vice President of Team Relations.

Each of these Vice Presidents is in charge of an MSBC division with a purpose that aids the overall MSBC mission, “To inspire creativity and innovation in the sport industry and allow individuals to build the relationships necessary to achieve their professional aspirations.”

The Marketing and Brand Development Division, comprised of ten individuals, is responsible for developing and acquiring relationships with students interested in Sport Business both on campus and around the country. It also develops educational platforms and relationship-building activities throughout the year in preparation for the conference.

The Partnership Division is tasked with advancing conference relationships with sport organizations, corporations, and our partners. This Division has six team members including the Vice President, a Director of Finance, three Partnership Coordinators, and a Flex Member.

The Speakers Division works to improve current conference relationships with industry professionals and acquire new relationships with Sport Business executives. This Division is made up of five individuals including the Vice President, a Speaker and Logistics Coordinator, two Alumni and IP Relations Coordinators, and a Flex Member.

The Event Planning Division is responsible for producing both engaging and educational events within the conference weekend, planning every aspect of the day down to the minute. This Division has five members, all with varying positions and responsibilities.

The Team Relations Division facilitates organization, recruitment, communication, and culture of the MSBC team. This Division is an area that continues to place a focus on building a cohesive team unit.

With this structure in place, MSBC has been closing out a successful 2014 year (check out the highlight video blog post for some great moments from last year’s conference) and working towards an even better 2015 conference. The Planning Committee has already held several meetings and has begun working on developing the 2015 conference through creative brainstorms and brand workshops. In fact, we have just solidified our theme for this upcoming year, stay tuned for it’s release along with more exciting information to come!

Be sure to stay up to date through our blog posts and our social media sites on Facebook at, on Twitter at @UMSBC, and on Instagram at @UMSBC.


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