How to make the most of your summer internship in sports

As classes are now finished for the summer, many aspiring sport industry professionals will begin internships in the coming weeks. To aid this transition, the Michigan Sport Business Conference student planning team would like to share a few keys to success in a summer internship in sports.

1. Be proactive with projects

As a rule of thumb, you should never sit around and wait for an assignment. Seek out your own projects. Successful interns always have a project in their back pocket. You are bringing a fresh perspective to the company. If you see areas for improvement in the way your employer approaches a task or operates, take that upon yourself and build your case, then present it to your supervisor when the time is right.

2. Maintain connections

You should strive to schedule casual sit-downs with coworkers to learn about their role in the company. Full-time company employees are an invaluable resource to you as a student, and most will be eager to share their story with you as you start to visualize a career in sports. Be sure to always follow up on these meetings. Connect via LinkedIn, send a quick email, or stop by their office again to thank them for taking the time to meet with you. Do not be afraid of your higher-ups. Instead, take the chance to learn from their experiences.


3. Exceed expectations

This should be your mantra as a summer intern. You will get out what you put into an internship. Show up early, stay late, and work harder than you thought you could. You have limited time with the company, so be sure to showcase your strengths and make the most of your opportunity by going above and beyond.

4. Exude professionalism

Treat everyone you work with with a high level of respect. You are not above anyone or any task, so say yes to everything and offer to lend a hand whenever you see someone in need of help. Your foci this summer should be to work as hard as you can and form relationships with as many industry professionals as possible. Do not lose sight of this.

10/22/15 2015 Michigan Sports Business Conference reception dinner.

Summer internships are the best way to gain experience in the sports industry. The MSBC team wishes you the best of luck with your summer, and reminds you to stay tuned to our social media for upcoming information on the MSBC Sports Startup Competition, BIG Initiative applications, speaker releases, networking event information and ticket releases.

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