The LeagueApps team is excited to be back at Michigan for the MSBC conference this week!

The LeagueApps vision is to help deliver amazing youth and local sports experiences around the world. We do this by powering local sports communities, helping sports organizations better operate, grow and monetize, and players better experience sports. LeagueApps is a 45+ team members headquartered in New York and venture-backed by some of the top sports investors in the world. Meet the LeaguAppsTeam! Our CEO even tries to emulate Bo Schebechler.

We look forward to meeting you at MSBC.  We’ll have a booth but we’d also like to schedule individual 1-on-1 meetings to learn more about your background, skills, and career interests.

If you are interested, here’s what you should do:

1) Fill out the job application below for Michigan Students and alumni only.

LeagueApps Job Posting for Michigan Students/Alumni

2) You’ll hear from us to schedule a time to meet during the conference on Friday.

3) If you want to be proactive, email Jim Ambrose at Jim@leagueapps.com and share your interest with him

4) We have two 2016 alumni that now work at LeagueApps. Brian Koffler (bkoffler@leagueapps.com) and Mike Belt (mbelt@leagueapps.com). Reach out to them directly as they’ll be part of our team at the conference.

Play Forever,