Sandy Montag

Sandy Montag is Senior Corporate Vice President of IMG Sports and Entertainment responsible for the operations of the Clients group.  This unit includes Broadcasting, Speakers, Literary, Coaching, and Talent Marketing.  IMG represents some of the most popular athletes, broadcasters, coaches, speakers and personalities including John Madden, Bob Costas, James Brown, Jim Nantz, Peyton Manning, Pat Conroy,  Ming Tsai, Eli Manning, Bob Knight, Tom Coughlin, Ari Fleischer, and Justin Timberlake.

Mr. Montag has spent his entire professional career at IMG, joining the company in 1985.   He started as an assistant to John Madden, traveling the country with Mr. Madden by train and on the first “Madden Cruiser.”  Mr. Montag became a Vice President in 1991 and a Senior Vice President responsible for the day-to day operations of the Broadcasting Division in 1995.  He was promoted to his current position in 2005.

He is active in several charities, serving as President of the Irwin and Judith Montag Memorial Fund which raises money for research on Amyloidosis and Heart Disease. In addition, he serves on the advisory boards for Madden Charities, Tom Coughlin’s “Jay Fund Foundation” and the Alan T. Brown Foundation.

Mr. Montag resides in Westchester, NY with his wife and two children.