MSBC Summer Interns- Emma Rosen

The MSBC planning committee is not only preparing for the 2014 conference, but also interning at some great places this summer. Speakers and Executives Flex Member, Emma Rosen, wrote a guest blog on her experience in Australia. 


This summer I’m a marketing intern for the MiLB affiliate team, the Perth Heat, of the Australian Baseball League. Baseball is not the most popular sport in Australia, which means that the team I work for is pretty much a grassroots organization with limited resources and funds. While the baseball community here is small, the people involved are all extremely passionate and excited about the Heat and their success over the last few years.

Our front office consists of 5 full-time staff members and 5 interns, so although we all have specific positions, we also get to experience and help with all the pieces needed to run a successful administration. The assistant GM is in charge of the interns, but about two weeks after I arrived she left for a month on vacation (they get a lot more time off here!) so I was thrown right in to the work without much guidance beyond the instructions she left me. It was definitely challenging, especially being in an unfamiliar country, though I ended up learning more as I became the contact person for several initiatives right away and was forced to become up to speed.

On a day-to-day basis my job is mostly sending emails and going around Perth to various businesses to build relationships and gain sponsorships. A lot of people are unfamiliar with the Perth Heat so it takes a lot to build partnerships and show them why it would be beneficial for their company. It’s been good practice to have a lot of meetings and learn what techniques work or don’t work when they’re not knocking down our door to be a part of the team.

Another great thing about our office is that everyone is really young and genuinely loves what they’re doing. The GM is 29 years-old and a former Australian professional baseball player. He keeps the office environment really relaxed and fun as long as everyone is getting their work done. The offseason here is much quieter around the ballpark as the majority of our players are in the US playing in the MLB, which leaves a lot of time for us to explore the city and to see the sites in Perth. It’s really beautiful here with some of the world’s best beaches and even though it’s technically winter, the temperature stays around 70 degrees – a lot different than winter in Ann Arbor!

I’ve really enjoyed being here for the last couple months, learning from those I work with, embracing the cultural differences, and experiencing sports in another country. I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I accepted the internship and I’ve been fortunate to have a great experience. I’ll be sad to leave in a month, but I’m looking forward to returning to Ann Arbor and preparing for the upcoming MSBC conference!


Emma Rosen





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