MSBC Launches Mobile App for 2016 Conference


The Michigan Sport Business Conference is proud to announce the creation of a brand new mobile app, “MSBC 2016.” This free app is designed to enhance attendee engagement with peers and speakers and act as a centralized source of information regarding the conference agenda. It is imperative that attendees download “MSBC 2016” in the App Store and check out some of the many features it has to offer:

Personalized MSBC Profiles

Similar to social media, any user who signs up will be able to create his or her own profile. This allows for improved peer-to-peer interaction and a personalized app experience where users can individually favorite, review and/or respond to different speakers and events.


This is perhaps the biggest advantage of the free mobile app. With interactive schedules, speaker profiles, sponsor descriptions, and developed integration with social media, attendees are able to be more informed and have more control over their conference experience.

Networking Capabilities

Users are able to directly message other attendees, speakers or staff members.

User Postings

The app allows users to post to the MSBC social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the app’s wall. Users can also respond to polls and review events.

Push Notifications

These notifications, which are entirely personalized, allow for the MSBC staff to better serve and communicate with attendees during the conference.

Map of Michigan Campus and Relevant Locations

The inclusion of a map of the University of Michigan and other relevant locations will provide more clarification for attendees and industry professionals. This will be useful throughout the conference as people move around to various locations, especially within the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Be sure to download “MSBC 2016” for free prior to arriving at this year’s conference. We can’t wait to see you this Friday!

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