Letter From the Presidents

Three years ago, the two of us sat as freshmen attendees in Blau Auditorium at the Ross School of Business and witnessed something truly remarkable: a top-notch, student-produced sport business conference. We were amazed by everything the conference had to offer, and yet, unbeknownst to us at the time, the Michigan Sport Business Conference was still in its infancy; this was only its second year, and the best was still to come.

Since that first experience with the MSBC, we have both served as active members of the planning team and witnessed its tremendous growth firsthand. We have watched incredible leadership teams guide the conference to unprecedented heights. We have learned tough lessons from mistakes made along the way. And we have made valuable individual contributions of our own. We are confident that these experiences have put us in a position to successfully lead this year’s team in planning the 2016 MSBC, and we are very eager to do so.

As the MSBC enters its 5th year, we are excited for this milestone event, yet also simultaneously recognize the responsibility that our roles entail. An incredibly high bar has been set over the past 4 years, and we welcome the test of maintaining this level of excellence while further adding to what the MSBC has already become. In 2016, we are excited about the MSBC’s return to a football weekend, providing our attendees with more opportunities to engage with the content, and more! In the spirit of Coach Harbaugh, we and our student team promise to attack this challenge with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

Thank you and Go Blue!


Jake Schreiman & Zach Ganz

2016 MSBC Co-Presidents

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