How to Prepare for #MSBC2016


With the 5th annual Michigan Sport Business Conference kicking off in just 10 days, the Student Planning Team has created a check list to help our attendees prepare for the event. These are suggestions compiled from individuals who have in-depth knowledge about how to make the most of the conference, which they have been planning for the past 10 months. Follow these suggestions and you are sure to take advantage of all the MSBC has to offer!

1. Dress for Success

Come to the conference dressed in formal business attire. If you are looking for further information as to what people wear to the conference, check out photos from last year’s MSBC here.

2. Come Prepared With an “Elevator Pitch”

Many industry professionals will be at the conference, so it is important to be able to quickly inform a professional about yourself in a short amount of time. If you are seeking an internship or job, it may be essential to have a prepared “elevator pitch,” knowing that you may only have a few seconds or minutes to speak to a professional.

3.  Research the Companies in Attendance at the Career Fair

This year’s conference will feature a Career Fair, where various companies are looking to meet individuals with the hopes of finding people qualified for an internship or job. Knowing about these companies will give you conversation-starters with the representatives present and allow you to come with prepared questions. Visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts (@UMSBC) for information on which companies will be in attendance.

4. Research the Professionals in Attendance at the Networking Hour

This is important for similar reasons to our fourth suggestion. The professionals in attendance are listed in the MSBC mobile app (more information on our app to come next week).

5. Decide Which Breakout Session You Want to Attend

When you register at the conference, you will choose one breakout session to attend. Rather than making an on-the-spot decision, it is best to look up each session prior to arriving at the conference. This way, you will be able to choose the session that best aligns with your interests related to sport business. Click here for information on each of the breakout sessions and all other speakers.

6. Get Ready to Engage Through Social Media

Follow our verified Facebook and Twitter accounts during the conference for live MSBC updates. If you wish to post about the conference, we recommend you use #MSBC2016 in order to collect all posts about the conference in a centralized location. Be sure to take many photos throughout the day, as there will be a special Snapchat geofilter for the conference!

Though the first suggestion is the only one we would consider mandatory, all of these suggestions will help you make the most of your MSBC experience. We look forward to seeing you on November 4th!

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