Behind the Creation of Our 2015 Theme

About eights months ago, our team of thiry undergraduate students sat down to begin the 2015 MSBC planning process. While the team dynamic slightly changed, with some members graduating and new faces taking their place, we were all ready for the year-long task facing us.

Each year the conference begins as a blank slate.  The new team has full creative control over the event, the speakers and most importantly, the theme. Deciding the conference’s theme is always one of the most enjoyable days of the planning process. The team hunkers down in a classroom and spends all night throwing out ideas and brainstorming until we arrive at the end goal — a finalized conference theme.

The theme is important for many reasons. Not only does it give our attendees an idea of what topics will be covered at the conference, but it also sets the tone for conference as a whole. The theme plays an impact in what speakers we recruit, partnerships we create, and marketing initiatives we set out to implement.  We recently released this years’ theme — MSBC 2015: The Digital Age — and we want to explain how and why we arrived at this decision.

It goes without saying that today’s generation is more connected, and at the same time disconnected, than ever. What we mean by this is that while we can all connect to anyone in the world in an instant through technology, we are also all inclined to shut out reality in favor of that technology. This is the defining paradox of The Digital Age that society as entered.

From work-life to leisure time, this evolving mentality towards how we handle day-to-day life impacts our actions and experiences. Sports is an industry that feels the effects of the digital consumer, but is constantly adapts to meet their evolving needs. As we move forward as industry, these changes will continue to occur at an increasing rate. This is why we at the MSBC felt that 2015 is the perfect year to open the room to discussion on how this digital world will impact sport business as we know it today.

Attendees at the conference will be thought leaders, difference makers, and game changers who all know where the industry is heading. From higher rates of in-home content consumption to the rise of alternative fantasy sports, MSBC 2015 will provide attendees with the platform knowledge they need to be difference makers in the Sport Business world.

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