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Launched in 2013, the Michigan Sport Business Conference BIG Initiative annually recognizes 10 outstanding student leaders who have achieved an exceptional level of success. Nominees must be current undergraduate students with a passion for the sport industry and possess a remarkable resume. They also must have the knowledge and creativity to aim to diligently solve some of today’s biggest hurdles in the industry.

The 10 selected students will be honored at the 2020 Michigan Sport Business Conference with a special ceremony. They will receive exclusive networking opportunities as well as have their accomplishments profiled on the MSBC website. 

The MSBC BIG Initiative was conceived as an award both to recognize the outstanding achievements of 10 student leaders and to shed some light as to who will shape the sport industry in the future. 


  • The MSBC Big Initiative will accept applications from September 2nd-October 9th
  • Nominees must be in their Junior or Senior year of college at the time of the conference and demonstrate a passion for the sport industry
  • The MSBC BIG Initiative Selection Committee will determine the 10 BIG Initiative winners based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to, innovation and leadership; measurable accomplishments as well as creativity, and effective ideas for case study.

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