Behind Our Theme: “The Empowered Consumer”


On June 1st, the MSBC team announced the theme of our 5th annual conference: The Empowered Consumer. If you missed our release, click here to check out ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter breaking the news.

Deciding on the theme for this year’s conference took weeks of thoughtful brainstorming and deliberation. Our goal was to select a theme that had a clear direction, one that would allow for engaging and interesting content. However, we also knew it was important not to limit ourselves, as we aimed to invite a diverse group of prominent industry executives to speak at the conference.

The process began by researching the latest industry trends. Every member of the planning team was tasked with developing a list of the most relevant and exciting industry topics, news, and potential speakers. From there, we looked for commonalities between the lists and narrowed down our options. What stood out most to us was that all the topics stemmed from a change in today’s consumer behavior. It’s difficult to pinpoint what has driven this shift from a passive to empowered consumer, but the fact is that today’s leagues, brands, agencies, and media companies have to respond to consumers’ demands and desires with innovative business strategies and products. Now more than ever, the consumer has a stronger influence on business operations within the sport industry and we feel it is important to highlight this through our engaging theme at this year’s conference.

The 5th annual MSBC will be held at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan on Friday, November 4, 2016. Be on the lookout for more MSBC updates on social media, as we will announce our keynote speakers soon!

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