5 Questions with MSBC Vice President of Speakers and Executives Jacob Nierob

Jacob Nierob

Each week the MSBC will conduct a Q&A with two current planning committee members to provide some background on the people working hard to make the 2014 conference a success. This week Junior Jacob Nierob shares his experience of being on the 2014 MSBC team. 

MSBC: Explain your role in the MSBC team and what you are currently doing in preparation for the MSBC 2014 conference.

Nierob: I am in charge of compiling a list of diverse, qualified, and entertaining speakers for the conference. I also oversee the outreach of Michigan alumni and young industry professionals to invite to the conference.

MSBC: What do you think about the 2014 conference theme?

Nierob: I personally love the theme. There are so many brilliant new ideas and strategies that are changing the way we think about the sports industry as a whole. Our theme is set to capitalize on these ideas and provide the platform for them to grow even more.

MSBC: What is one goal you would like to accomplish for the 2014 conference?

Nierob: I would love to land all of our A-list Keynote and panel speakers. The amount of knowledge and power in that room would be awe-inspiring.  I won’t give anything away, but with what my committee and I have brainstormed so far has the potential to challenge the talent put on by any sports business conference in the nation.

MSBC: Who is one speaker you would like to see at the 2014 conference and why?

Nierob: I think David Stern would be an extraordinary speaker. He made the NBA the massive success that it is today not just in the US, but globally as well. I would argue that he built the second most popular sport in the world behind soccer.

MSBC: What are your professional aspirations upon graduating from the University of Michigan?

Nierob: I want to work in the front office of an NFL or NBA team. My dream is to become a General Manager in either of those leagues.



Fun Facts:

Favorite Sports Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Sports Industry Professional You Want To Meet: Jerry Jones

Favorite Athlete: Floyd Mayweather

Greatest Sports Moment You’ve Witnessed: First Under the Lights game

Favorite Sports Film: Remember the Titans





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