5 Questions with MSBC Partnerships Flex Member Sara Phipps

Sara Phipps

Each week the MSBC will conduct a Q&A with two current planning committee members to provide some background on the people working hard to make the 2014 conference a success. This week Sophomore Sara Phipps shares her experience of being on the 2014 MSBC team.

MSBC: Explain your role in the MSBC team and what you are currently doing in preparation for the MSBC 2014 conference.

Phipps: As a member of the partnerships division, I work with the other members of the committee to raise the money necessary to put on the conference. We do this by researching companies that align with the mission and vision of the MSBC and reach out to those companies in the hopes of creating a relationship that is not only beneficial to the MSBC, but also provides value to that company.

MSBC: What inspired you to join the MSBC planning committee?

Phipps: I love sports and I love business. The MSBC combines both of these things in an interesting and engaging way by bringing top sport industry professionals to the UofM campus and I knew I wanted to be a part of MSBC as soon as I learned about it.

MSBC: What is one panel that you would like to see at the 2014 conference?

Phipps: I would like to see a panel about sports leagues that aren’t quite as popular yet, such as Major League Lacrosse or Major League Soccer. There are excellent career opportunities in both of these up-and-coming leagues that I think people might not realize yet.

MSBC: What are your plans for the summer?

Phipps: My family just moved back to my hometown Dallas at the end of May and I’m doing an internship for a commercial real estate firm here in Texas.

MSBC: What are your professional aspirations upon graduating from the University of Michigan?

Phipps: I’m extremely undecided when it comes to future career plans. I am definitely interested in sport marketing, but I am also really interested in commercial real estate, as well as event planning and hospitality management.


Fun Facts

Favorite Sports Team: Michigan Football

Sports Industry Professional You Want To Meet:  Jerry Jones

Favorite Athlete: Dirk Nowitzki

Greatest Sports Moment You’ve Witnessed: The Mavs beating the Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals

Favorite Sports Film: The Blind Side




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