5 Questions with MSBC On Campus/Special Events Coordinator Ryan Rounick

Ryan Rounick

Each week the MSBC will conduct a Q&A with two current planning committee members to provide some background on the people working hard to make the 2014 conference a success. This week Junior Ryan Rounick shares his experience of being on the 2014 MSBC team. 

MSBC: Explain your role in the MSBC team and what you are currently doing in preparation for the MSBC 2014 conference.

Rounick: I am currently the On Campus and Special Events Coordinator for the marketing team! The marketing team’s primary responsibility is to raise awareness and promote the MSBC brand. Currently we are working on the plans for our summer meet up events in New York City and Chicago. We are looking for a location for students and sport professionals to interact and network with one another in preparation of the conference!

MSBC: What has been the best part of your role thus far?

Rounick: I have a lot of experience in marketing, but my role focuses more on event planning, which I have always had an interest in learning more about.

MSBC: What is one goal you would like to accomplish for the MSBC 2014 conference?

Rounick: To continue to grow the MSBC brand nationwide, so that in 5-10 years this will be established as one of the premier sport business conferences in the country.

MSBC: If you had to describe MSBC in one word, what would it be and why?

Rounick: Inspirational. Some of the most powerful sport industry professionals in the world come to speak at the conference whom were in our same shoes when they were students. It gives us hope that we can be as successful as they are one day.

MSBC: What are your professional aspirations upon graduating from the University of Michigan?

Rounick: After graduation I aspire to work in either marketing or sponsorship for a professional team, league, or agency.


Fun Facts:

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bears

Sports Industry Professional You Want To Meet:  Billy Beane

Favorite Athlete:  Yadier Molina

Greatest Sports Moment You’ve Witnessed: Stanley Cup Playoffs 2010 Game 6 when the Bruins beat the Flyers in overtime to win the Stanley Cup.

Favorite Sports Film: Moneyball








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