5 Questions with MSBC Marketing Flex Member Evan Ketai

Evan Ketai

Each week the MSBC will conduct a Q&A with two current planning committee members to provide some background on the people working hard to make the 2014 conference a success. This week Freshman Evan Ketai shares his experience of being on the MSBC team. 

MSBC: Explain your role in the MSBC team and what you are currently doing in preparation for the MSBC 2014 conference.

Ketai: As a flex member of the Marketing team my role is to learn how to execute the marketing for the conference.  I am here to assist anyone who is need and by doing this I will gain a proper understanding for future years to come.   Currently I am helping establish who our target audience is and write out our position statement.  In addition, I am part of creating ideas for a pump up video and what should go into our giveaway bags.

MSBC: What inspired you to join the MSBC?

Ketai: My passion and love for sports along with the pictures, videos, and hearing from word of mouth about how spectacular the conference was got me interested in the MSBC.  After reading more into the opportunity and experience that the conference provides I was truly inspired to join and be a part of such an interesting and growing conference.

MSBC: What has been your favorite MSBC experience so far?

Ketai: So far my favorite MSBC experience was listening to the founders of the conference talk about the how they had a dream and the drive to make this conference successful.  They showed us that we have a reason “why” we do this conference instead of just explaining “how” we do the conference.  We want to give students, alumni, and many others the opportunity to network with people from all around the sports business world.

MSBC: Who is a speaker that you would like to see at the MSBC 2014 conference?

Ketai: At the MSBC 2014 conference I would like to see World Wide Wes because he was able to work his way up to being one of the most well known and respected men in sports.  He did all of this without having a huge job such as being an owner of a team, company, or an executive of a league and I find that truly fascinating.

MSBC: What are your professional aspirations upon graduating from the University of Michigan?

Ketai: After Graduating from the University of Michigan I plan on starting my own business and making a difference in lives of people in need.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Pistons

Sports Industry Professional You Want To Meet: David Stern

Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan

Greatest Sports Moment You’ve Witnessed: LeBron James hitting the game winning shot in the second game of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Orlando Magic.

Favorite Sports Film: Miracle


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