5 Questions with MSBC Alumni Relations Coordinator Jacob Schreiman

Jacob Schreiman

Each week the MSBC will conduct a Q&A with two current planning committee members to provide some background on the people working hard to make the 2014 conference a success. This week Sophomore Jacob Schreiman shares his experience of being on the 2014 MSBC team. 

MSBC: Explain your role in the MSBC team and what you are currently doing in preparation for the MSBC 2014 conference.

Schreiman: I am the Alumni Relations Coordinator for MSBC this year. My role is to create and maintain strong relationships with University of Michigan alumni in the sports industry. This includes everything from setting up a database of alumni, to keeping in contact with them throughout the year, to creating packages to give the alumni incentive to attend the conference.

MSBC: What is one goal you would like to accomplish for the MSBC 2014 conference?

Schreiman: The main goal I have for this year’s conference is to strengthen our relationship with the alumni. The University of Michigan has one of the largest and most influential alumni bases in the country, and we want to create a very close relationship with them.

MSBC: What has been the most rewarding part of being on the 2014 MSBC planning committee?

Schreiman:  By far the most rewarding part so far has been having the opportunity to work with people who are just as passionate about working in the sports industry as I am. We all have the goal of eventually being influential players in the sports industry, and having the chance to learn and grow with them has been an awesome experience.

MSBC: What excites you about the 2014 theme “Game Changers: Innovating Today. Defining Tomorrow”?

Schreiman: This theme really focuses on people and ideas that are revolutionizing the sports industry. As the theme says, we are really putting a focus this year on the “game changers” who are transforming the way the sports industry operates, and we are very excited about all the cool things we have the opportunity to do under this theme.

MSBC: What are your professional aspirations upon graduating from the University of Michigan?

Schreiman: While I am not 100% sure exactly what I want to do post-graduation, I know that I definitely want to work in the sports industry, most likely in baseball or basketball. I don’t know yet though whether I want to work on the team side, with a professional league, or on the player side.



Fun Facts:

Favorite Sports Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Sports Industry Professional You Want To Meet: David Stern

Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant

Greatest Sports Moment You’ve Witnessed: An appearance by the Rally Monkey during the Angels’ championship run in the 2002 MLB playoffs

Favorite Sports Film: Miracle





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